The concept

To create ecological and contemporary accommodation integrated into the environment, for short stays, in different places that "deserve to be known".

lodge projet-z

Why is this project intended to be developed in several territories?

To bring about wider and faster change by example in different places.

The architecture and decoration, as well as the eco-biological construction of the accommodation, raise the level of the offer in areas where there is a shortage of accommodation, and even more so of “creative” accommodation.
Our architectural choices, in addition to reinforcing the tourist attractiveness of the place, therefore want to breathe a wind of novelty.
The energy consumption of the accommodation is targeted at the lowest possible level.
We will also select our materials according to their grey energy (grey energy = amount of energy needed to produce a good or a material) and their energy saving qualities.
The use of materials from the sector is favoured.
Our costs are controlled, minimised and thought out at the design stage, in order to offer our tourist accommodation to as wide a public as possible.

The project also has a socio-economic objective:

The people working in the lodges are local people.
Visitors have the opportunity to consume local products, with a “small base of addresses that we provide”.

The aim is to "make people want something else".

A new architecture.
Of a different relationship to the environment.
A relationship with the environment as a space to be known and lived with.
To make people want to get to know corners that are not or not very well promoted.